The Essential Guide to Cherokee Orthodontics


Are you looking for a trustworthy orthodontic care provider? You are at the right place.

Orthodontic treatments are essential for improving the appearance and functionality of the teeth and jaw. It overlooks the different aspects of orthodontist care to diagnose the treatment of irregularities such as bad bites and poor alignment. 

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So, if you’ve ever been curious about the many types of braces available, this detailed guide will help you navigate the world of orthodontics. In this article, we will learn about the following things:

  • Role of Orthodontics in Smile Dentistry
  • Different Types of Aligners and Their Advantage
  • How to Find the Right Orthodontic Service for Your Smile?
  • Before Commencing Any Orthodontic Journey
  • Quick Tips to Look After Your Brace and Teeth

Continue reading as we learn more about orthodontic treatments in the following sections. 

Role of Orthodontics in Smile Dentistry

Orthodontics is a dentistry specialty that focuses on adjusting bites and straightening teeth. If your teeth are crooked, overlapped, twisted, or gapped, you may require orthodontic treatment at a Jacksonville, TX, dentist. 

These professionals use different treatment options, such as traditional braces, clear aligners, and detachable retainers commonly used in orthodontic treatments. 

The results of the treatment are:

  • Better smile aesthetics.
  • Effective cleaning that minimizes signs of periodontal disease or tooth decay.
  • It makes it easier to chew your food and minimizes any risk of temporomandibular disorder.

Different Types of Aligners & Their Advantage

Traditional Braces

How They Work

Cherokee Family Dental staff deliver traditional orthodontic cases, which consist of metal brackets placed on each tooth and connected by a wire. These appliances use the metal wires to gradually reposition the teeth into the desired position. Orthodontists frequently alter the wire, allowing for more precise and controlled tooth alignment modifications.

Advantages & Considerations

The orthodontist adjusts the wire regularly, allowing for regulated and exact tooth alignment adjustment. Traditional braces help fix severe misalignments and are often less expensive than other choices. 

However, some people, particularly adults, are concerned about the visibility of metal orthodontic cases.

Ceramic Braces

How They Work

Ceramic braces use the same fundamental design as traditional braces, with one crucial exception: the brackets are made of translucent or tooth-colored materials, making them less noticeable. This makes ceramic appliances a popular alternative for folks concerned about traditional metal braces.

Advantages & Considerations

Ceramic braces’ primary benefit is their aesthetic appeal. They produce comparable outcomes and are more covert than metal braces. However, ceramic braces might cost slightly more than metal orthodontic cases and are more prone to discoloration.

Lingual Braces 

How They Work

Lingual braces work similarly to normal braces but with a unique twist: they are attached to the teeth’s rear (lingual) surface, making them nearly invisible from the front. This hidden placement eliminates the cosmetic issues that arise with traditional orthodontic cases.

Advantages & Considerations

The fundamental benefit of lingual braces is their discretion. They provide good tooth mobility without the obvious look of traditional or ceramic braces. However, lingual braces may require more cleaning time, and some patients may have initial discomfort due to tongue constriction.

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Invisalign and Clear Aligners

How They Work

Invisalign and clear aligners are innovative orthodontic treatment options. These custom-made, removable trays gently guide teeth into position, avoiding the need for brackets or wires. They are nearly undetectable, making them a discreet option for patients seeking orthodontic treatment.

Advantages & Considerations

Invisalign and clear aligners offer superior cosmetic benefits while remaining removable. They improve dental hygiene and may be more comfortable than traditional braces. However, they may not be suited for challenging orthodontic patients, and frequent use of the aligners is essential for successful treatment.

Self-ligating Braces 

How They Work

Self-ligating orthodontic cases are similar to normal braces, except instead of elastic bands, they use a unique clip or mechanism to hold the archwire in place. This design improves efficient tooth movement while reducing friction during adjustments.

Advantages & Considerations

Self-ligating braces often require fewer alterations, resulting in shorter treatment times. They are also easier to clean than traditional braces. However, they may be more costly, and self-ligating orthodontic cases do not address all issues.

How to Find the Right Orthodontic Service for Your Smile?

  • Comprehensive Orthodontic Services: Your chosen orthodontic clinic should provide a comprehensive range of services, including conventional braces, Invisalign clear aligners, and other bespoke orthodontic products, ensuring patients receive solutions personalized to their unique requirements and goals.
  • State-of-the-Art Technology: The office uses cutting-edge technology, such as digital imprints and 3D imaging, to improve the patient experience and ensure precise, quick, and pleasant orthodontic treatment.
  • Patient-Centered Care: The ideal clinic focuses on  patient’s experience, overall comfort, and long-term results. These clinics are also open to listening to individual concerns and addressing their specific requirements and preferences. 
  • Expertise and Experience: Ensure a team of experienced dental orthodontists leads your clinic. These professionals must possess the abilities and expertise to achieve excellent outcomes and gain patients’ confidence and loyalty throughout the region.
  • Convenience and Accessibility: Is your clinic centrally located and provides flexible scheduling choices? Ensure that your chosen dental clinic has efficient appointment administration and a warm, welcoming office environment to make orthodontic treatment as convenient and comfortable as possible for people of all ages.

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Before Commencing Any Orthodontic Journey

Orthodontic treatments have expanded dramatically, with several options for various needs and preferences. Whether you select traditional braces, inconspicuous ceramic or lingual braces, or the more modern clear aligners, you aim to develop a straighter and healthier smile.

Visit a professional braces doctor who analyses your needs and directs you to the best treatment choice. Remember that a good smile promotes general dental health and well-being. Prepare yourself for a transforming trip to a confident and bright smile!

Quick Tips to Look After Your Brace and Teeth

The ideal Cherokee orthodontics helps many patients prevent or manage these issues. Here’s what you can do in the months and years after your braces are off.

1. Schedule a full professional cleaning and checkup:

If you’ve ever worn braces, you understand how tough it can be to brush and floss properly. The longer you’ve worn orthodontic cases, the more probable plaque, and stains have built up and settled on your teeth. 

Professional dental ortho cleaning is the most effective way to eliminate them, and there is no better time for complete cleaning and checkup than immediately following braces.

2. Try a teeth-whitening procedure:

Treat yourself to a professional whitening! You’ve been wearing braces for months (if not years), and the big moment has finally arrived: your appliance is coming off! 

When individuals first view their new, straight teeth, they may be unhappy to find yellowing, stains, and other discolorations that can develop after orthodontic procedures. After all your patience and hard work, professional teeth whitening is an excellent approach to restore the glitter to your smile. 

  1. Take proper care of your retainers:

Every appliance requires orthodontist care. Therefore, clean your retainers at least once daily or as your dental professional directs. You don’t want to reintroduce a bacteria-filled retainer into a newly scrubbed mouth.

Many retainers may be washed in the sink with standard toothpaste and a toothbrush. Other retainers, however, may require mouthwash or denture cleanser. If unsure, contact your orthodontist about how to keep your retainers clean.


  • Orthodontic treatments are necessary to improve the look and function of the teeth and jaw.
  • Invisalign and Clear Aligners provide improved cosmetic advantages while remaining removable. 
  • Every appliance requires orthodontic treatment. Therefore, clean your retainers at least once daily or as your dentist directs.
  • Don’t let oral complications ruin your smile. Let our professionals at Cherokee Dental give you a smile you deserve.