Do’s And Dont’s Post Tooth Extraction

Extracting your teeth is never a pleasant experience! So for people with dentophobia or the fear of visiting dentists, we have a solution. Experts like the dentist in Jacksonville recommend we extract our teeth. In such cases, there is no other way around because this is generally considered the last resort for getting relief from toothache. 

In cases where tooth decay or bacteria have damaged the tooth to the extent that it cannot be recovered anymore, tooth extraction becomes necessary for preventing the bacterias from entering and damaging the blood vessels. Some certain dos and don’ts will help us take good care of ourselves and recover quickly from the pain of the extraction. Thus let us check them out.


  • Take The Recommended Medications: After the dentist is done with the teeth extraction, they provide medicines and painkillers to help recover quickly and deal with the pain. Therefore, everyone must take these medications at the appropriate timings as recommended by the dentist, or else one might end up with intensified pain and discomfort.
  • Make Sure To Take Enough Rest: Dentists generally sedate their patients when extracting teeth, which slows down our brains and might take a while to wear off completely. Therefore, this is necessary to rest and even take a day off to hasten the recovery process. One must get an appropriate amount of sleep so that the brain can bounce back to its usual state after some rest.
  • Consume Appropriate Food: Besides medication and rest, you must pay attention to consuming the right food that doesn’t require much chewing. Wonder why? Because our gums and jawbones are still exposed after the extraction procedure, and chewing in such a condition can complicate things further. One can find food items such as boiled potatoes, mashed bananas, milkshakes, yogurt, or smoothies. However, no matter what you eat, never forget to rinse your mouths after eating. 


  • Avoid Smoking: Smoking after a tooth extraction is a very harmful combination because it creates suction and removes the clot, resulting in further severe complications. Additionally, the toxins and chemicals can be hazardous for our exposed gums and empty sockets.  
  • Avoid Brushing Your Teeth: People often mistake brushing their teeth after undergoing the tooth extraction procedure. However, this can be very dangerous for our exposed gums, blood clots, and bones, further delaying the recovery process. Therefore, the best thing to do in this scenario is to rinse your mouth with warm water to remove unwanted bacteria.
  • Do Not Use A Straw: You must never mistake using a straw for drinking any liquid after extracting a tooth. Using a straw can damage the blood clot and expose our jaw bone, leading to severe pain and bleeding. Therefore, we must drink liquids using a glass without exerting too much pressure near the empty socket.           

Concluding Thoughts

Tooth extraction can be painful, but on the bright side, we will not deal with the constant agony caused by recurring toothaches. Therefore, keep these dos and don’ts in mind to limit further damage and hasten the recovery process after tooth extraction or even when fixing dental crowns in Jacksonville.