Dental Bridges: What Is It All About?

Are you embarrassed to smile or laugh with ease in front of your friends and colleagues due to your missing teeth? We suggest getting dental bridges to help bridge the gap between your teeth and restore your radiant smile! Dental crowns in Jacksonville are permanent solutions for missing teeth and will blend in perfectly with your natural teeth. 

But before you head over to our Jacksonville dental clinic, you need a little background information about dental bridges – what they are, how many types of bridges there are, their benefits, costs, and others. So read on as we discuss these crucial aspects and more!

What are Dental Bridges?

It refers to false teeth, also known as pontics, which are placed in the gap of one’s missing teeth, held together with the help of abutment teeth on both sides of the gap. It can be made of several materials but is usually made from porcelain, which ensures that the bridge blends in with one’s natural teeth.

There are several types of dental bridges. Let’s take a look at them. 

Types of Dental Bridges 

  • Traditional Dental Bridge

Traditional dental bridges are the most common type, consisting of filler teeth and 2 or more crowns. These can be of ceramic, porcelain fused to metal or pure metal.

  • Maryland Dental Bridge

It is best to get these kinds of dental bridges in case of missing front teeth. They are made of ceramic or metal fused with porcelain and blend in with one’s natural teeth.

  • Cantilever Dental Bridge

If you have a gap with only one side of your teeth, it is best to get a cantilever bridge. Here the bridge or pontic is connected to just one abutment tooth.

  • Implant-supported Dental Bridge

This kind of dental bridge is similar to the traditional ones. However, they are held in their position with the help of implants instead of conventional cementing. 

Cost of Dental Bridges

It can be a costly affair based on certain factors like –

  • The complexity of bridge placement
  • Number of teeth to be filled
  • Material and type of bridge used
  • Additional treatments like gum disease treatment, cleaning, and others.

Depending on these factors and the kind of bridge you choose, your dental bridge can cost –

  • For traditional bridges – $2000-5000
  • For Maryland bridges – $1,500-2,500
  • For Cantilever bridges – $2,000-5,000
  • For Implant-supported bridges – $5,000-15,000

Benefits of Dental Bridges 

Following are the benefits,

  • Can restore your smile by filling the gap of missing teeth
  • Can restore one’s ability to speak and chew properly
  • Can prevent one’s natural teeth from losing their alignment and placement
  • It can help with overbite or underbite issues.

Risks of Dental Bridges

Generally, It does not pose any such complications or risks. If one properly takes care of their dental bridge, it can last them for several years. However, your dental bridge might not work correctly if there are any issues with the surrounding teeth, like cavities or decay.   


It is one of the best solutions for missing teeth – they can help restore your beautiful smile with just a simple procedure! So if you wish to get Dental Crowns or Dental bridges in Jacksonville, you can visit our dental clinic to get in touch with the best dentists in the state. We offer the best treatment, and you will be perfectly safe in the hands of our experienced dentist. So get your appointment today!